About Our Company


Mr. Ralp Adams Narciso, founder and president of Rain or Shine Window Cleaning LTD, started his own business at a very young age. With his dedication and hard work, since coming to Canada, he pursued window cleaning. Bouncing from business to business, learning immense skills, handling quality precision and experience to slowly sky rocket his passion. Now, Rain or Shine Window Cleaning is a well- established, fast growing, 100% Canadian owned company specializing in the window cleaning and building maintenance industry.

Our Experience

Within the past 5 years Rain or Shine has provided quality window cleaning for residential, industrial or commercial building.
Rain or Shine has been a proud contractor for companies, like McDonalds Canada, Giancola Aluminum. As well as huge developing companies such as: Great Gulf Homes, Paradise Developments, Medallion Developments, Arista homes, Empire homes, and many more.
These Past 5 years have been very successful for Rain or Shine, with the dedication of he’s employees and wonderful clientele, Rain or Shine is slowly sky rocketing in the business industry.
Rain or Shine Window Cleaning LTD carries liability insurance, and all if its employees are covered of WSIB and clearance certified.
  • 5 Years of Service
  • Big name clientele
  • Full Liability Insurance